Oil Change Video Transcription

[Sirens blaring, train horn blowing]Van turning the corner, followed by police car.
'Oil Change Due' pops up on van dashboard
There’s always time for an oil change at Take 5Freeze frame on van with passenger pointing out the window
[Tires screeching]Van pulls into bay of Take 5
I'll take the high mileage synthetic, please.Close up of driver speaking to the technician
This is fast!Technicians pop hood of van, van passengers relaxing in car
[Background noise]Customers hand balled up cash to technician
[Tires screech, siren turns on]Van pulls out of bay, followed by sheriff’s car pulling out afterwards
Go! Go! Go! This way, this way, this way!Front of building shows van and police car pulling out
Take 5 Oil Change. Drive in. Sit back. Done.Take 5 logo