Take 5 Car Wash #495

Car Wash Near Merrillville

6262 Broadway
Merrillville, IN 46410

(219) 985-3147

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Wide Variety of Services

Looking for a car wash that provides a full range of services? Take 5 Car Wash offers a wide variety of car wash packages — from basic wash to full-service detail packages.

Monthly Unlimited Car Wash Pass

If you find yourself needing frequent washes, Take 5 Car Wash offers a monthly unlimited car wash pass so you can have your car shining like new whenever you need.

Always Free Vacuums

Every washed car deserves a fresh vacuuming. You can vacuum for free at all of our car wash locations.

Automated Tunnel Wash

Don’t let dirt, grime or acidic rain impact the condition of your car’s exterior. Our Automated Tunnel Washes offer a fast, efficient and thorough cleaning to your vehicle.