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Take 5 Oil Change Franchise Opportunities

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What is the Take 5 Brand?


"Let us change your oil not your schedule" says it all. Our model is built around speed and convenience and the stay-in-your-car experience which promotes trust with each customer. Our focused menu also increases efficiency and improves quality while we stay strategically aimed at the highest-margin product mix.

Low Pressure

At Take 5 we give each customer exactly what they want and only what they need. Our motto is to educate not sell. This creates loyalty rates unheard of in the automotive aftermarket. The Take 5 training program, developed over the last 20+ years, trains each of our techs and greeters how to bring this vision to life.

Customer Experience

We aim to create a comfortable environment where each customer is offered a cold drink and snacks for your kids in the back seat - we also have dog treats! Getting an oil change doesn't need to be painful – Take 5 makes it fun. In 2016 Take 5 scored an average 9.3 net promoter score out of 10 possible points – this is based on over 11,000 customer surveys received in this year.

How much profit do these locations generate?


Average sales


Average 4-Wall EBITDA

Figures reflects the average of the net sales, certain expenses and EBITDA of 31 affiliate-owned Take 5 Oil Change Centers for the period December 28, 2015 through December 25, 2016, representing a normal fiscal year for us. We included only those Take 5 Oil Change Centers open at least 3 full years as of December 25, 2016 and excluded the 43 Take 5 Oil Change Centers open less than 3 full years. It is our experience that a Take 5 Oil Change Center’s growth curve begins to mature after their 3rd full year in operation. Of the 43 excluded Take 5 Oil Change Centers, 21 have been open less than a year, 17 are between 1 and 2 years old and 5 are in their third year of operation. The 31 affiliate-owned Take 5 Oil Change Centers that are included are characteristic of a typical Take 5 Oil Change Center operating for more than 3 years. Of the 31 Take 5 Oil Change Centers included: 24 of the Centers were located in Louisiana; 4 of the Centers were located in North Carolina; 2 of the Centers were located in Mississippi; and 1 Center was located in Alabama.

A new franchisee's results may differ from the represented performance. There is no assurance that you will do as well and you must accept that risk. This offering is made by prospectus only.