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Fleet Program Video Transcription

"Let's check out the fleet customer experience at Take 5."Garage doors opening up. Take 5 Logo appears on screen.
"First, the fleet driver pulls up and is greeted by a service writer"Truck pulls up. Tech flips water bottle and hands to driver.
"After the fleet driver is guided into the bay the service writer scans the VIN of the vehicle"Truck is being guided into bay. Trucks comes to stop. Cone is placed. Tech uses scanner to scan VIN#.
"The VIN will automatically populate the fleet company’s information and account guidelines such as pricing, purchase controls, and payment preferences."Tech works on computer imputing information. Wipers and oil filter are grabbed by tech. Tech leaves computer station.
"Per the fleet account guidelines, the tech will begin the service while your driver remains in the vehicle."Tech grabs tools. Tech jumps into pit.
"Following a routine inspection, we’ll let your driver know if anything needs more attention"Tech lifts hood of truck. Tech pouring oil. Title appears on screen reading: "Pouring the best brands in oil" Followed by symbols of Castrol, Shell Rotells, Mobil 1, and Havoline
"but our business is oil changes, not upselling routine maintenance into costly repairs"Tight shot of oil being poured as image of Service Checklist slides on screen. Tech screwing tire pressure cap. Tech pulls out dipstick while Service Checklist image slides off-screen. Tech begins to show dipstick to driver.
"With a monthly billing option, there is no payment necessary from the driver at the time of service"Close up of tech spraying wiper fluid into wiper fluid reservoir as text appears on screen reading: "Top off fluids" Tech checks tire pressure as text appears on screen reading: "Check and fill tire pressure"
"A copy of the invoice can be emailed to your billing contact along with vehicle specific maintenance reminders and fleet customer promotions."Tech checks caps under hood. Tech shuts hood.Business owner checks laptop. Business owner looks at fleet management portal. Tech checks fluid caps and closes hood of vehicle.
"The entire process is so fast your driver will be back on the road making money for your business in about ten minutes."Tech washes windshield. Truck is guided out of bay.
"A Take 5 Fleet account is simple for your business and fast for your drivers"Title card slides on screen reading: "Simple For Your Business, Fast for Your Drivers" Along with Take 5 logo above.