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Take 5 Fleet Program

No matter how many vehicles you have, let our technicians help with the maintenance of your fleet. Here, superior customer service meets speed and savings.

Stay in the vehicle! Our drive thru model means we’ll get your drivers in and out, so they can get back to work fast.

OIL IS ALL WE DO, THAT’S IT We’re an oil change business and we’re good at it. We carry only the best oil brands like Castrol, Mobil 1, Shell Rotella (Diesel), and Havoline. Our technicians know what your vehicle needs to keep your business moving forward. We also offer controls on fleet accounts, so your drivers only select the services and products you have authorized for your business.

WE’RE FAST. LIKE, REALLY FAST Did we mention oil is all we do? That makes us really good at it, and really fast. Once we’ve scanned your driver in, they stay in the vehicle and prepare for their next project while we’re already popping the hood, checking your tires and completing our inspection process. Just how fast again? Your driver will be back on the road and making money for your business in about 10 minutes.

Fleet Agreement

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Interested in becoming a fleet customer? Use our contact form and tell us how we can help you.

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Fleet Program Benefits

  • BUY MORE, SAVE MORE We understand that the more you spend with us, the more your company should save. That’s why our everyday discount is based on the number of vehicles in your fleet and we also offer every account the opportunity to earn added discounts on certain services and products like air filters and wiper blades.
  • PAY YOUR WAY We offer every single fleet customer a monthly billed account regardless of size. Why? It’s simple for you, fast for your drivers. But if you prefer to pay with cash, a credit card, or a fleet card, of course we offer those options too.
  • COMBINE OFFERS FOR GREATER SAVINGS Not only do we send exclusive offers and discounts to our fleet customers, but we also allow you to take advantage of our consumer promotional event pricing. Our fleet customers always get the best price at Take 5.
  • POP BY EARLY … OR SWING THROUGH LATE We offer store hours outside of the 9–5 workday, morning and night, so we can service your fleet without interrupting your business. We call these our Fleet Power Hours. In fact, we value our fleet customers so much that we give you an extra 5% off your ticket when your drivers come during Fleet Power Hours.
  • EXTRA BENEFITS FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES We have a Partner Perks Program to provide your employees with access to everyday discounts for their personal vehicles.
Fleet Services Benefits

Fleet Account Pricing:

    • Premium oil purchases receive the Base Discount plus 5%3
    • Purchase of wiper blades, engine air filters, cabin air filters, and coolant exchange receives the Base Discount plus 5%4
    Take an additional 5% off your entire purchase when you visit during Fleet Power Hours (Monday – Friday, 7AM-9AM and 5PM-Close)
  • 1Must provide Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) during account setup to validate base discount level

    2Buy More Save More and Fleet Power Hours discounts combine with the Base Discount to achieve the Maximum Value Discount

    3Premium oil discount applies to oil purchase only

    4Applies only to that specific item

Fleet Services Benefits

In-Network with Fleet Management Companies.

In-Network with Fleet Management Companies
  • ARI Fleet Service
  • Donlen Fleet Service
  • Emkay
  • Enterprise Fleet Management
  • Element Fleet Management
  • Fleet Response
  • Leasing Associates
  • Lease Plan
  • Merchants Leasing
  • Wheels/Map Fleet Service
Accepting Major Fleet Cards
  • Fuelman
  • WEX (Wright Express)
  • Voyager
Additional Services
Service Check List
  • Oil ChangeComplete
  • Oil Filterreplaced
  • Drain Plugok
  • Tamper Sealapplied
  • Chassis Lubesealed
  • Wash Windsheildyes
  • Air Filterreplaced
  • Power Steering Fluid Levelsafe level
  • Coolant Bottleadded
  • Automatic Transmission Fluidsafe level
  • Battery Watermaint free
  • Washer Fluidfilled
  • Re-check Oilsafe level
  • Wiper Bladesreplaced
  • Tire Pressure Check40 rear 40
  • Cabin Air Filterclean
  • Oil Light Resetyes

Routine Inspections

    As a valued business partner, we’re not just changing your oil, we’re an automotive expert helping you optimize the life of your company vehicles. Following a routine inspection, we’ll let your driver know if anything needs more attention, but our business is oil changes, not upselling routine maintenance into costly repairs.