History of Take 5 Oil

Take 5 Oil Change began as Rapid Oil Change in the fall of 1984 when the industry was at the beginning of the evolutionary cycle and began as a quick oil change doing minor repairs and maintenance services.

First Take 5 Oil Change Shop
1st Shop Opened in 1984.

We first opened in Metairie, Louisiana.

Thirty years ago in the mid 1980s the automobile world was quite different, but consumer trends continued to move toward niche services that could be provided quickly and conveniently. Recognizing that the average number of vehicles per household continued to increase, and that females would continue to enter the work force, the opportunity for growth was exciting. Over the years, Take 5 has nurtured a value-added, customer-friendly business model.

Take 5 Oil Change Mission Statement

To set service standards and achieve customer satisfaction standards that exceed every customer's expectation by maintaining the highest possible level of employee training and development.

The Take 5 Oil Change branding and logos

Evolution of the Brand

In 1996, we designed the first "5 Minute Drive-Thru Oil Change" concept. This reflected a new direction in our business model, all centered on improving customer experience and the speed of our service. Eventually, we converted our Rapid Oil locations to the 5-Minute format. The conversion to Take 5 "Home of the 5 Minute Oil Change" is an advertising agency's dream come true - with emphasis and branding on changing your oil, not your schedule.

Take 5 Operations and Locations

We currently own and operate 76 locations in South Louisiana, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, North and South Carolina and coastal Alabama.

Please visit our newest locations in Mobile, AL and Raleigh, NC.

A satisfied Take 5 Oil Change customer